Greatest fear of regular participation in social media? Developing an inflated sense of self without actually bringing something of value to the table. #mbnov

Haven’t really kept up with podcasts during the pandemic. Have mainly focused on just getting the day to day done. Revisited some old podcast friends (and some new ones!) in the past few days.

Day 5 of #mbnov

I will not stoop to having my 16-yr-old dictate the working conditions in my home office.

Playing #mbnov catch-up. Day 1: dreary. It wasn’t a lot, but we had our first snow of the season on a dreary Nov. 1 in Ohio.

Just coming across #mbnov this morning. I know we are three days in at this point, but it intrigues me. I’ve been very methodically eliminating social media from my life. Astonished that this doesn’t feel like participating in social media.

Current theological reading. Louth’s Introducing Eastern Orthodox Theology. This has been on the bookcase for quite some time. Lots of footnotes with breadcrumbs to other significant reading to be had. 📚

Horrifying experience from yesterday. Use Apple app and Apple Pay to order my wife a new big ticket present for her birthday. It was so easy and quick to spend that much money.

Might be a little ambitious, but I was inspired to purchase this set. Last dipped into Homer/Virgil 34 years ago. 📚

From the beginning of the quarantine (Mar 17) shopping at Wal Mart. Couldn’t get toilet paper or cleaning products, but had all the Chicken in a Biskit I could ever hope for.

I probably need to start posting things that are more literate than a caption on a selfie and a tired old internet joke.