Celebrated my 18th anniversary with my DW last night. Gas station take out and a bottle of champagne. We’re still not confident about the safety of sit-down meals in local restaurants.

Annual reviews. I actually found that I used a standard template for the past three years. It was just buried in all of my digital notes. Just need to put that in a tickler file that will pop back up in December.

Still figuring out my personal annual review process. Every year, it feels like I’m figuring out the process from scratch and is more time consuming than it needs to be. Just need to figure out how to be consistent and concise.

I think part of the problem is waiting for something brilliant to come to me before posting vs. just posting whatever comes to me in the moment.

I’m not great about posting here, but it is the sort of thing I really could do instead of looking elsewhere for entertainment online. (Like doomscrolling on news sites…)

Greatest fear of regular participation in social media? Developing an inflated sense of self without actually bringing something of value to the table. #mbnov

Haven’t really kept up with podcasts during the pandemic. Have mainly focused on just getting the day to day done. Revisited some old podcast friends (and some new ones!) in the past few days.

Day 5 of #mbnov

I will not stoop to having my 16-yr-old dictate the working conditions in my home office.

Playing #mbnov catch-up. Day 1: dreary. It wasn’t a lot, but we had our first snow of the season on a dreary Nov. 1 in Ohio.

Just coming across #mbnov this morning. I know we are three days in at this point, but it intrigues me. I’ve been very methodically eliminating social media from my life. Astonished that this doesn’t feel like participating in social media.